We encourage swimmers to swim in groups of similar abilities, this facilitates training and instruction of appropriate technique. After the third week in June, practice groups begin to be more permanent. It sometimes takes several weeks for the coaches to place swimmers in their practice group. During the first 3 weeks of June, swimmers will be arriving to the team daily as their school gets out and also the week one swimmers will be improving. This makes group changes necessary.

If the group time you are assigned does not work for you, summer school,work, carpooling, etc. speak to your swimmers coach before or after practice. We will do our best to accommodate.

Practice is IMPORTANT! Swimmers need to attend practice sessions in order to enjoy meets. Swimmers are expected to make a minimum number of practices a week to be eligible for meets. Those who attend practice on a regular basis may be given preference in meet line ups.

These guidelines have been set by our coaches.

Practice Days are Monday - Friday. No practice Wednesday PM or Thursday AM due to swim meets.

Group Recommended # of Practices
Senior 6 Practices/week
Gold & Silver 6 Practices/week
Bronze 5 Practices/week
White & Blue 4 Practices/week

Morning Practice

7:30 swimmers must be ready to start at 7:30, NOT 7:45!

Also the lanes you swim in may change due to the group size for that morning, but not the time you start. Please try to arrive on time.

6:00 Senior & Gold Lanes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6
7:30 Gold & Silver Lanes 2 & 3
7:30 Bronze Lanes 4 & 5
7:30 Blue Diving Well
7:45 White 1 & 2 Lane 6

Afternoon Practice

All groups practice from 5:00 - 6:30.

Senior & Gold Lanes 1 & 2
Silver Lanes 2 & 3
Bronze & Blue 2 Lanes 4 & 5
Blue 1 Diving Well
White 2 Lane 6 - Deep End
White 1 Lane 6 - Shallow End