This year you will be able to order additional “Lightning” Swim Gear , and they will be delivered to your home.

Please remember: All registered swimmers receive a Team Suit, T-Shirt, & a Lightning Cap around the middle of June. These items are offered in our team store and are also included with your registration fee. You may of course, purchase additional ones with the exception of caps which need a group minimum order 25.

We do place an order for personalized latex caps near the end of June. Anyone interested please contact Coach Jim directly. You must order 2 caps . Last year they were $4.80 each ($9.60 total for 2 caps).

We have changed our supplier but not our choices for the other Gear, in fact this year we are adding a parent polo.

Also included this year you will see an assortment of recommended goggles. They range from Junior & Kids to Adult. Remember Junior & Kids goggles have somewhat smaller lenses and the lenses are closer together to accommodate smaller features. You will notice they are tinted or mirrored. These are for daytime outdoor swimming. If you have clear goggles now you may find you will like a pair of tinted or mirrored goggles for the summer.

For more information about additional Lightning Gear: